ET by Jun Meakawa (diagrams from Orison; June 1992)

In the Orison (magazine of the OSN; Origami Societeit Nederland) I had a column about difficult folding. In April 1992 I took the crease pattern for ET from TOP ORIGAMI (in Japanese; later published in English as Origami for the Connoiseur). And in the next issue of our magazine we published these diagrams.

It was quite a puzzle to fold ET from the crease pattern and the photo. But I succeeded and made the step folds. Then the diagrammer of our magazine made these diagrams.

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1. Comments to the diagrams:

   Each pair of diagrams shows the same phase in folding:
   A in front and B at the back.

   And in each diagram the right part shows the folds you
   should make after the folds from the left side.

   The letters A and B on the first page are drawn inside
   the model, but should be outside.
   The A and B in the crease pattern show (correctly) what
   will be front and back.

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2. Texts are in Dutch. The translation is:

   Vouwtip moeilijk model
      Folding tip for difficult model

   Maak de voorvouwen en vouw
   samen tot het volgende diagram
      Precrease and collapse as shown in the following diagram(s)

   A: rechteronderkant
   van het vorige
      A: lower right part of the previous diagram

   B: linkerbovenkant
   van het vorige
      B: upper left part of the previous diagram

   nu de handjes
   modelleren en
   ET is klaar
      Now form the hands and ET is there

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