Wall from units

I had the arch on display at the OSN 1992 convention. Half a year later I talked to a friend and said: "I'll never build a thing like that on my own again. But it would we nice to do something like that with a group". She replied: "Next year we have our 10 th anniversary, can't we do something on that ossasion?". Someone else joined us and got enthusiastic also. So I had to make a design.

I adapted the units used for the arch so that all vertical units got square fronts. And the filling (wall) units became rectangles of 1:2. So all units are folded from different sizes of paper. Some of the units are colored. And some of the rectangles are even half in color and half white. So I could design a mosaic on the wall. That was the swan logo of the OSN including the letters OSN.

The wall is built from about 2200 units. It stands free in the air (only paper!) and is about 2 meter high and 2 meter wide (7 x 7 foot). The units were folded by about 380 people at the weekend convention of the OSN in Lunteren (Holland) in April 1993.

You may see a picture of it on wall.gif featuring also myself.

Maarten van Gelder

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